January 7, 2015

Who We Are

I read a post at Thistlewood Farms today that blessed my little heart.

And got me to thinking.

Jamie Eaton

Thinking about how I see myself at this stage in my life...and also about how others see me.

Which led me to pondering how interesting it is that depending on our environment, family size, activities, passions, and relationships, who we "are" changes in the eyes of others observing.

Yet all along, in our own eyes, we're still every environment, we're still the same mom/sister/daughter, each activity is still in us, every passion still part of who we are, we're still every friend we've always been. 

Only others often don't see all of that.  They only see the you that is now.

Which is why, in my pondering, it suddenly occurred to me that twenty years ago this year I pursued a passion that is still very much a part of who I am ~

1st Bodybuilding Competition - Fairbanks, Sept. 1995
Only it looks a little different now :-)

Recommitting to Free Weights ~ Jan. 2015
 See, in my own mind I'm still that weight-lifting gal you see in Picture One.  The passion for lifting is still very much in me.  The thing is, these last few years have been more about pursuing morning runs and chasing children than lifting weights.

Which brings us to Picture Two, which is me last week in the Anytime Fitness bathroom, taking a selfie as I commit to pursuing free weights once again.

And oh,  how good it feels!!

We set goals as a family this year, sitting in a circle on our king-size bed and writing each person's goals down in a notebook.  Precious, listening to each of our children share his/her heart!

One of my goals is to do 10 unassisted pull-ups.  I gave myself the year, but you know what?  I think it'll be sooner than that.

I'll keep you posted on my progress.

So here's to not only the amazing goals we will, with God's help, accomplish this year, but also to the "amazing right under your nose":  YOU!

"I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made."
Psalm 139:14

November 29, 2014

Laundry Room Therapy

It's the day after Thanksgiving and my beloved sister asks,

"Would you like me to keep the kids for the day so you can be home alone?  Clean your house?  Catch up on a few things?"

I think I started to cry.

Right before I laughed out loud.

And then I became so excited considering all the things I could accomplish given a whole, ENTIRE day....

You know.  All those practical, sensible things like ~

A) Clean my house (which is very therapeutic for me when I'm alone)
B) Catch up on paperwork
C) Plan homeschool lessons
D) Organize the pantry
E) Finish sanding the lockers Firefighter just built (I stole this husband-naming from author Ann Voskamp, who refers to her husband as Farmer.  I'm chuckling just thinking about the moment the hubby reads it in here.)
F) Write Christmas cards
G) Exercise

But I did none of these things.

Instead, as Emily Freeman so beautifully encourages, I found a place for my soul to breathe ~

And although it may not look like practical productivity to some...

It was exactly what this momma needed on Black Friday.