Art in the Midst of Chaos

What a crazy weekend it's been around here.

Greg had surgery on Friday, which turned out well but stretched out 5 hours longer than anticipated.  After a long day, we were eager to get him home, tuck him into bed, and let him rest for the remainder of the day watching Netflix.

Only, our internet service was out.  And not just ours, but the majority of our town's. 

So, off to Blockbuster I went.  I haven't been to Blockbuster in a very long time.

On Saturday I was cooking supper and ran out of gas browning ground beef on our range.  My resourceful, yet still very sick husband, rigged up the Coleman camping stove so I could finish cooking the meat. 

Although we are on auto-fill for our gas, the vendor must have miscalculated our usage and not filled our tank in time.  So.... we will have no gas until Monday.  But that's okay...we still have heating fuel :-) 

Then, after supper, our dishwasher would not drain.  We finally determined late into the night that it was broken and irrepairable.  I will be shopping for a new dishwasher today---an unexpected expense.  Thanks to Dave Ramsey, our emergency fund is well-stocked.  :-)

We were just about to drift off to sleep at 12:30am when our little 5-year-old came in saying she needed to throw up, and sure enough, that's exactly what she did.  Poor thing, she continued to intermittently throw up for the next 3 1/2 hours.

My husband, being somewhat of a writer himself, actually journaled about our weekend's misfortunes at 1am and proceeded to read his entry to me with a mix of humor and exasperation.

This was supposed to be his weekend to rest :-(

So, both of us now badly needing rest, we opted to stay home from church this morning and do just that, although the boys and I did wash all the dishes by hand which had rapidly accumulated from the previous night and this morning.  I haven't done dishes by hand in a very long time :-)  It was, in fact, a rather bonding experience.

However, in light of all that has transpired the last couple days, I wanted to make sure and show you a fun piece of artwork I purchased on Friday while waiting for Greg's prescription.  I had been watching it for awhile.  Originally priced at $80, I was able to score it for only $30 after taking advantage of the sale and a gift card I had:

Not bad :-)

I was excited about this piece for several reasons. 

1) I have seen similar painted canvases from Ballard Designs and have always been drawn to the muted colors and European feel in them.  But with pricetags of $200-300 apiece, I was never quite ready to take the plunge.

2) The blue on the bicycle is the perfect match for the blue I just painted in my hallway.

But the third reason is the one I am most excited about this week. 

I was browsing through a fabric store Thursday evening and came across this wonderful pinkish/salmon silk/taffeta fabric in the Liz Claiborne line.  I knew right away I wanted to make panels out of it for our sitting room, maybe line them with flannel to pouf them out and give them some heft.  Wouldn't you know the flowers in this canvas have the very same pinkish/salmon color in them??

Is that not just perfect??

My plan is to hang the piece of artwork over this sideboard I refinished a few years back:

....maybe add some topiaries in glazed ceramic pots on each side. 

The pink/salmon colored curtain panels will hang on the window you see in the distance, which is part of our sitting room (the other side of that fireplace is our living room) so you will catch a glimpse of the pink in the painting as you walk down the hallway, and then see that same color in full on the window panels.

Don't you think that will look nice??

One thing I need to change about the picture, though, is the color of the frame.

One of my goals in this house is to lighten things up, and because the background of the painting is rather dark, I think repainting the frame in a white or metallic paint would accomplish that goal.  I'm leaning toward Valspar's Caramel Latte spraypaint, which is a beautiful color.  Kind of a silver/gold with a bit of caramel swirled in. 

I had hoped to get to the frame today, but after a wonderful birthday lunch with my dad and siblings this afternoon, then a couple hours of dishwasher shopping, it will have to wait. 

I will definitely show you how I do it :-)

I can't wait to see how it turns out.