Welcoming to our World

Recovering from minor surgery this last week, projects have expectedly taken a back seat.

After a rejuvenating Memorial Day campout with family, I'm feeling great and almost back to normal. Last night I even managed to finish a fairly small project with a rather large impact.

I painted our front door. 

One of our exterior goals this year was to "cozy up" the curb appeal of our new house.  When we first saw our house last year, I was not drawn to it at all from the outside; it wasn't until we walked in the front door that we knew it was ours. 

The front door is unwelcoming, primarily due to a daunting staircase that was not finished well nor designed for curb appeal:

We aren't quite ready to tackle the stairway, but we're changing things a little at a time.

New shutters have been ordered for the windows, Mr. Wonderful has been scraping down both sides of our hilled driveway this week prepping for tree planting and a white fence (tree-lined driveway with white horse fence, anyone??) and me....

....well, what else would I be doing?  I've been painting.

First, I taped off the front door and sidelite, then primed:

I then painted two coats of Behr's Cathedral Blue in an exterior semi-gloss.

And here, dear friends, is the result:

So much better!  A small change, but a very effective one.

I really pondered over this color, and almost ended up doing a very dark, inky blue, but now that the Cathedral has dried, I am so glad I stuck with my original vision.

Just before my surgery I tackled our side door, the door most friends and family use, to 'test' this color out.  And now the two match:

And I couldn't be happier with the drastically more welcoming entrances to our home. 

You may be wondering at my lack of flower pots near my doorways.  I know, I miss them...but we're leaving in three days for a two-week trip and I was afraid if I planted any flowers prior to leaving, they'd be dead by the time we returned. 

Flowers will be first on my list when we are welcomed back home by our two blue doors in a couple weeks :-)