Rustic, Yet Elegant

I claimed in my last post I'm trying hard to narrow my focus to one project at a time.

As any DIYer knows, this is NOT an easy task.

My living/dining room has been my recent focus. It doesn't hurt that craigslist came through for me once again.

I was looking for a coffee table with these specifications:

Rustic, yet elegant.
Dark wood to counteract all the white in the room.
Wider than average.
Preferably under $100 (I really didn't expect this to happen, but I must admit it was my prayer)

Last week I found it:

Rustic?  Check.  Just look at the hefty, rough-hewn slatted top on this baby.  And the rivets!  I'd say that's pretty rustic.

Elegant?  Check.  At first I wasn't sure about the curved iron legs, but once Mr. Wonderful and I placed the table in our living room, I was thrilled.  It was perfect!

Dark wood to counteract all the white in the room?  Check again!  The wood was even darker than it looked in the ad's picture, a huge plus because I have an armoire and dining room table in the same wood tone.

Wider than average?  Check, check, check.  This baby is a whopping 35.5" wide, whereas the average coffee table is 24".  And we really needed that extra width to enable foot-propping from each flanking sofa.

A very important detail :-)

Under $100? Okay, not quite check, but I didn't pay over $100 either.  This sturdy, real wood, rustic yet elegant, extra wide coffee table was priced at an even $100, a price I was thrilled to pay after pricing similar tables online for $799.

What a difference it makes in our living room to have this table now.  Yesterday, we hosted our annual harvest/pumpkin carving party.  At one point, I counted five guests seated in the living room proppin' their feet on this table.  It made me smile, almost as much as carving this pumpkin did with my baby girl:

Before I go, did any of you notice my new Subway Art Banner on the far wall of my living room?

I ordered this banner from Home Decorator's Collection several weeks ago for only $28.  I was told it was on backorder until November 14th, so I was pretty excited when it showed up at my door Friday afternoon. 

My theory is that at a mere $28 apiece, so many people rushed to order that their supply couldn't meet the demand. I really think they could've asked a lot more for this statement piece of art.

I also finished recovering all my dining room chairs last weekend.  What a difference a little fabric makes!  But that will have to wait for another post.

Have a delightful week :-)