Up for the Challenge

Elsewhere in the world today, fall's bright leaves still bring a gasp of wonder.  Cheeks are still nipped by a crisp coolness in the air.  Grass still grows, and pumpkins don't freeze.

But not in Alaska.

In Alaska, we have snow.  Everywhere.

Yet, as always, it is magical.

Yesterday afternoon it came fluttering down, huge flakes dancing outside my window, encouraging me to curl up under a thick warm blanket and take a nap.

So I did.

In the spirit of coziness and warmth, I came across this wonderful site today:


Being the decorator-at-heart that I am, I am often guilty of sacrificing tender moments with my family in order to finish hanging a collage on the wall, or rearrange the furniture, or (enter one of hundreds of home decorating options here).

Last night, I painted the outside edge of a starburst mirror while the kids finished their dinners.

(I did, however, let them stay up 30 minutes late to play Clue Jr.  together.  It was great.)

Tonight, though, I will light the candles in our house.

I will play soft music and fill our home with the smell of baking brownies.

I will sit with my daughter while she practices piano, because she loves it when I do that.

I will create a tender, loving environment by just BEING there with my family.