Hawaiian Christmas

I've been a stranger to this blogging world since October, and for that, I have grieved.

I've missed this place.

Funny how quickly life can change.  One moment, you're a stay-at-home mom and think you will be forever, and the next you're teaching a class of twenty-four 4th graders Partial Quotient Division among many other life skills such as: writing a paragraph, not interrupting, the evolution of earthquakes, and the reasons why little girls should not roll their eyes at one other.  (Because it's mean.)

Truth #1: I prefer blogging :-)

We surprised our kids the first week of December with a week-long trip to Maui.  What an amazing getaway it turned out to be - more needed than we realized.  With the busyness of Christmas and wrapping up my long-term substitute job last week, I haven't had time to post pictures until now.

Truth #2: My blog needed some serious updating. 

Hawaii pictures seem like a fitting return post, sharing a little of our trip and reminding us that memories like these are absolutely priceless.

Truth #3: Remember, fellow Alaskans, the snow and cold won't last forever.

So without further ado, enjoy a few shots from our wonderful time in Maui:

Our plane landed in Kahului at 3pm; by 5, we were at the beach:

By the end of day two, we were beginning to see signs of sun on our backs:

I love this shot of Amaya after we'd just unburied her from a sandy "grave":

We spent one day driving over to northern Maui and hiking into Twin Falls. The climate is wetter here and the vegetation abundant.  In this photo we are in a partial cave preparing to swim under the twin waterfalls (Isaac had already gone and is therefore in his towel with a proud smile on his face):

Greg is "holding up" the falls here, probably similar to the joke of Chuck Norris never really doing pushups but pushing the earth away instead...?

And here's me, gracefully entering the water :-)

We had such an amazing time playing together and simply being a family.  Snorkeling, sunsets, evenings in the hotel's hot tub, reading three novels, watching our daughter's confidence as a swimmer increase daily...  It was a wonderful way to celebrate one another and kick off the Christmas season.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night :-)