Notes for Me

Last fall my little girl started first grade.  The most beautiful thing happened as her reading and writing skills soared:

Little notes...left for me...all over the house.

"I missed you, Mom" left on the kitchen counter when I return from Bible study.

"Quiet, Mommy sleeping" left on my door during my nap. (*sigh*)

One day she helped me deliver a coat to my closet, and later I found this note stuck to the coat as I turned in for the evening:

I stuck it to my bathroom mirror so I can see it and smile.

Then last night, after visiting my sister's house, I discovered this message on my pillow (someone broke out the label maker without asking, but I'll let it go this time....):

When I prayed 8 years ago for a little girl, I thought I knew why I wanted one so badly. 

Oh, how I seriously underestimated the delight she would bring.

Thank you, Lord, for my little girl.