Just a Little Desk

I just finished painting a little desk last night, and I'm sorry I don't have before photos.  I hate not showing before pictures, mostly because I LOVE to see furniture Before & Afters and suspect most of you do too, but to tell you the truth, I jumped on this desk so quickly once I knew what I wanted to do that I simply didn't take the time to photograph it before it was prepped and primed.

Yes, I primed this one.  The old fashioned way.

The original desk was that reddish/orange finish that literally crumbles away with the slightest sanding, which is fine...but this can often mean the old stain job/oils in the wood will potentially bleed through your paint.  After sampling one coat of chalk paint on a drawer my suspicion was confirmed, so I painted two coats of Farrow & Ball's Blue Green on the drawers (I handmixed it into chalk paint and the second coat covered beautifully,) but I went the extra mile & primed the body since I knew I wanted to paint it Sherwin Williams Creamy, a light color that would show any bleed-through.  Sure enough, even after priming with a good quality primer, I still applied two coats of satin finish paint to ensure complete coverage.

I distressed & then glazed with Valspar's Faux Tinted Glaze mixed with Behr's French Roast.  (Can you tell I'm not a loyalist when it comes to paint supplies?  My favorite paints for quality are Sherwin Williams and Behr ~ and you won't catch me with anything but Purdy paint brushes ~ but Valspar glaze works beautifully so far (Farrow & Ball paint is not carried locally so I have it custom matched.)

The desk's original top was glued laminate, so I painted it two coats of Behr's French Roast and finished with two coats of Minwax Wipe-On Poly. The original hardware was brass.  A little Krylon Oil-Rubbed Bronze updated it a bit and added a welcome statement to this little desk.

All in all, a pretty little piece :-)

Hope you're having a marvelous Monday ~