31 Days & Fall

Shhhh....don't tell The Nester, but I'm attempting a secret "31 Days" without officially signing up to do so.

You see, I'm a bit worried about committing to 31 days of daily posts since my blog's history documents anything but consistency.  For some reason, though, when I read The Nester's challenge a month ago, a little voice inside prodded me to take up the challenge.

I debated off and on for some time, telling myself the last things I needed were more pressure and deadlines in my life. 

Which is partly true.

But then I wondered what it would be like to actually post more regularly.  Would it be difficult?  Would I stress trying to think of things to blog about?  Would it be overkill?  Would people even care to read my blog every day?  Would my desire wan?

So I thought ~ just for fun ~ I'd give it a shot.  I'd evaluate regularly to see if I'm still having fun with it. 

And I wouldn't tell The Nester.  Yet.

It's been almost a week now, and it's still fun :) Matter of fact, as I was adding touches of fall to our home this afternoon, I knew exactly what I'd blog about today.  Hope you enjoy a few pics of our home, dressed up pretty for fall:

I couldn't resist scattering a few fall "leaves" in traditional reds and golds.

Three Bean Chili and Cheddar Scones for supper wrapped up a perfect damp, cool day.

Blessings on your fall ~

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