Personal Affirmation 2013

Although I rarely set New Year's Resolutions, the start of a new year always prompts me to reflect on what I'm currently doing well, what needs tweaking, and where my life is headed.

For me, this always turns into a personal assessment and subsequent plan for every area: personal growth, homeschool, meal planning, daily tasks, service, etc.

This year in particular it hit me that, for me, a personal assessment ends up being more about who I want to be than what I hope to accomplish.

The weekend before New Year's Day, I spent two large chunks of time writing down ideas, to-do's, schedules, wishes, hopes, Scriptures, and personal thoughts.  This was extremely valuable time for me.  It's always, ALWAYS difficult for a mom to make planning and reflection a priority, so I made a point of letting the whole family know ahead of time what I was planning to do those two days, and also what I expected from them to help.  I promised they'd have a better wife and mother on the other side!

One of the things I took away from this planning time is a Personal Affirmation which I typed up and added to the opening page of my Notebook.  I read it to myself in the mornings as part of my quiet time ~ a reminder of where I'm headed and how to focus my energies.  I want to share my Affirmation here today for two reasons: 

One, we see numerous examples of personal resolutions and/or goals, but we don't often see goals for being.  I hope this different perspective may help you see yourself (and your goals) a little differently. (I also write out personal goals that by definition can be measured, but these goals are designed as a means to achieve the qualities outlined for being in my Affirmation.)

Two, by reading my Affirmation, you will certainly catch a glimpse of some things I struggle with and am striving to improve.  Transparency is not something that has always come easily for me, but by the grace of God I keep taking small steps in that direction.  Sharing my Affirmation is one of those small steps.
2013 Personal Affirmation
I will be quick to listen and slow to speak.  I will speak gently.  I will be calm and patient in all circumstances, understanding that the One who holds me will take care of me and all that concerns me.
I will eliminate excess in my life and complete tasks thoroughly before tackling new ones.  I will involve myself only in activities which help me realize my goals.
I will prioritize my day by placing God first, others second, and my own agenda last.  I will make wise choices about my family's eating, health, and exercise.
I will be a good steward of all we are given.
The heart of my husband will safely trust me and he shall have no lack of gain.  I will do him good all the days of his life.
I will use the gifts He has given me to breathe hope and inspiration into others.  I will forever give Him the glory for all I am and all I will become.
May your day be filled with the essence of being all He created you to be.

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