Spring Green Table & Sneak Peek

Yay for 57 degrees in Fairbanks today! 

This being our warmest day of the year (I know...it's kinda sad really) we did what any good family would do: Dusted off our bikes and enjoyed an afternoon bike ride along the Chena River while simultaneously swinging by the ball fields to assess snow melting progress (baseball starts next week!), stopping to splash in some enormous puddles at Pioneer Park, and finally using our 5 year old Cold Stone gift card for ice cream.  Ahhhh.... I love spring.

And now, while I should be freshening up for an evening at Book Club discussing "Killing Lincoln" and eating tenderloin, Artisan bread, and tiramisu (first time I've tried making this favorite myself), instead I'm taking a few moments to show you a darling table I painted green this week.

Because it's just a green kind of week around here ~

I've been looking for something to ground the gallery wall I created last February, and I think this table not only does the job beautifully, it adds that touch of green I've been throwing around our spaces recently. I used Behr's Asparagus without primer. I just mixed up my own chalk paint (1 1/2 cups latex paint, 1/2 cup Calcium Carbonate, 1/4-1/2 cup water) and went to town.  After distressing, I went over the piece with a glaze, rubbing in and wiping off as I went.  I finished with Minwax's Wipe-On Poly, a wonderful finishing solution for non-white pieces.

You would have laughed watching me rotate display items off and on this table last night at oh, about 9-10:30 o'clock.  My kids really do think I'm nuts.

Plus, they really should've been in bed instead of hovering and making statements like,

 "Mom, I thought you had that green glass bowl on there..." and

 "Why did you move those books around?" and

"What on earth IS that thing, a doorknob?? Pew!  It smells!"

Well yes, now that you mention it, that really IS a doorknob. I found it at a garage sale years ago, very old and smelly and chock full of patina and character.  I LOVE my doorknob.

So there.

And of course, with summer almost here and a gallery wall of family on a beach in Maui, sea shells were a shoe in.

Plus, I love sea shells.

The table was originally this honeyed pecan color.  It's a beautifully sturdy piece which I received from a friend.  She won't mind that I painted it green  ~  she kinda knows I'm like that.

Also, I wanted to show a quick sneak peak of this amazing bed I'm working on for a client and should finish by the weekend.  This thing is a showstopper. 

She asked me to do a turquise undercoat with a whitewash over the top, so I'm tweaking some methods on this one and stretching myself in new areas ~ which is good for me, and exciting.  I hope to have After pictures soon.

Off to enjoy Book Club ~

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