Girl Clothes

Yesterday the little Miss and I went shopping.

For girl clothes.

I know there are moms out there who find great delight in shopping for little girl clothes.  So sorry, but I am simply not one of them.

From day one, I was so overwhelmed by all the patterns, color choices, accessories, leggings vs. skirts...vs. footless tights...vs. jeans...vs. capris...vs. jeggings my heart would actually begin to palpate faster as I made a bee-line for the door.

Should I even mention shoe options?   My goodness, it was enough to send this momma over the edge.

Long gone were the days of "jeans, khakis and a couple shirts shopping" for my two boys.  They each had two pairs of shoes: one for play, one for church.  Throw in a pair of snowboots, and I was DONE.

The thing about girl clothes is there is so much pattern and color, it can be extremely difficult to match tops and bottoms if the items are not purchased together.  (For this reason, Gymboree has been my saving grace more often than not because they offer many tops and bottoms in a similar color theme.  But Gymboree can be very expensive.  And they're 6 hours away.) 

Yesterday, though, this momma finally got smart.  I realized that although Amaya seemed to have plenty of clothes in her closet, we struggled each morning to find an outfit that matched. 

I think the following picture can explain why.

Somehow she had acquired several unique bottoms that required very specific color-matching tops.  (Yes, that is snake-skin print on those red jeans.  My mother may have had something to do with those.)

Perhaps girl clothes shopping just got a whole lot easier now that I'm in my 40's.  Resolute, I tossed all her unique bottoms into a large blue beach bag, and we headed to town in search of tops (at least one or two) to match each bottom.

I would like to announce that we were fairly successful given our limited resources here in Fairbanks.

And then, because we ARE both girls after all, we couldn't resist a little pomp and circumstance in the form of pink suede fringe boots.

Because everyone knows pink suede fringe boots go with just about everything there IS.

She and I have also been having a little fun lately updating her room, but more on that later :-)

Blessings on your Wednesday ~


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