Two Desks

Thought I'd pop in this evening to show you two desks I've recently refinished. 

I love painted furniture, but I also have an authentic appreciation for beautiful wood.  When I refinished this desk for my daughter's room, I opted to strip the top and leave it in its natural state.

The desk started out looking like this, complete with carved wooden handles.  Along with a nightstand and a taller dresser, this desk is a family hand-me-down from my husband's side.  We found out later it belonged to my daughter's great-great grandmother!

We worked together to strip the top, let it dry, then sanded thoroughly.

We also filled all the holes on the drawers from the old handles with wood filler, in preparation for shiny new hardware.

I then mixed up a whitewash solution of white paint and water to knock down the yellow tones a bit. I brushed the solution on, then wiped excess with a cloth.

Here it is with the matching nightstand and one coat of SW Creamy paint.

After another coat of Creamy, I sealed the top with Annie Sloan Wax (with which I am falling in LOVE.  I know....I know...I can be a reluctant transformer....), added six oversized acrylic knobs, and me-oh-my!  What a cutie.

This afternoon I finished this piece.

I especially love the milk-white glass knobs. 

After waxing the glide grooves for the rolltop, it slides beautifully now and will serve as a lovely work area for someone some day. 

I know Christmas time is upon us and I should be getting the house ready and the tree up, but what I find myself really wanting to do after a busy Thanksgiving weekend is retreat to the garage and paint.
So, for a couple days, that's what I did. 

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