Boys' Bathroom Update

After the busy-ness of Christmas, Mr. Mimsy and I chilled out by tackling an update in our Boys' Bathroom.

So far we've ripped out the old sliding glass door ~

and installed a much more functional shower curtain instead.  This teenage-vibe curtain came from Bed Bath and Beyond.

After painting the walls Sherwin Williams Wool Skein, we added beadboard (Sherwin Williams Creamy) and installed towel hooks to the back corner of the room.  Such a simple improvement, but what a huge welcoming boost this gives the space!  I went with brushed nickel hooks from Lowe's because the room's light fixtures, vanity hardware and door handles are all brushed nickel.

Isn't the tile on this floor pretty neat?  I can't take any credit for that.  The door in the background is a very deep, wonderful linen closet.
Awhile back I saw these signs in a Pottery Barn magazine and thought they were a fun mixture of whimsy and practical boy reminders. Rather than spend $129 for the set, of course I made my own.
Framed Comb Your Hair Prints, Set of 3

I found the frames for $2 each on clearance at Michaels. 

After cutting some old burlap to fit the back of the frames and gluing it down (I had a gunny sack leftover from a fall party we had awhile back), I printed the three phrases on ivory construction paper (I used Vivaldi font at 125pt and printed in landscape), and centered the phrases on the burlap like so.

After deciding the paper phrases looked too 'clean,' I cut the ends with some decorative scissors.

I then placed my artwork back in each frame, and there you have it.  My own Pottery Barn knockoffs.

My 13 year old came upstairs yesterday and, in a rather sarcastic/humorous tone so typical of this age, he exclaimed, "Thanks, Mom, for the reminders in my bathroom!  Now I'll know JUST what to do!"

Which is all a mom can ask for, right?


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