Painting Dining Chairs

A little push from a Mother/Daughter Tea event last weekend, in which I helped provide the "princess throne" for photo sessions, prompted me to begin the painting of my dining room chairs.

We purchased our dining room set from JCPenney back in 2005 and I still love it, although it's definitely a lot of wood-tone in this room.  Right now it has one leaf inserted, but we often have both leaves in for more seating.  The set has six regular chairs and two arm chairs.

I decided to tackle the two arm chairs first (I may only do these end two ~ we'll see how it looks when I'm finished).

I removed the seat first, which was screwed on from underneath ~

....and painted one coat of Sherwin Williams Creamy right onto the finish.  I mixed up  my homemade chalkpaint so I didn't bother to prime.

Once dry, I used a sanding block to distress it all over.

I still need to apply wax to age and seal these, and I plan to cover the upholstery with slipcovers I'll sew.  I'm excited about the transformation ribboned slip-covers will make!  It almost makes me giggle just thinking about it.

Anyway, just wanted to share a glimpse of the process as I go along.  I'll most likely end up painting the legs on the dining table to match, a project I've been meaning to get to for some time, but we always have so many projects going on around here it's hard to prioritize.

And every now and then, you just need to put all projects aside, plop down on the living room carpet, and play a family game of  "SORRY!"

Complete with pizza.  On the rug.  Less than a stone's throw away from ivory upholstery.

See?  I'm not as uptight as all that!


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