Front Entryway Lessons

I've learned a few things since I became a blogger a few years ago.

Things like:  Even if a basket doesn't regularly live beside your entryway bench,  a photo looks so much better if you stage the basket for a few moments while you snap a picture.

I used to think I couldn't do that.

Being an avid rule follower, this whole 'basket-posing' seemed awfully close to lying.

But then I got careless one day and tried it, and it made my photo look so much better, that I reached a new conclusion:

Not only am I not breaking a lying rule when I
pose an object for a photo that doesn't 
actually live there, 
but I am now committed to following a new rule 
which says you MUST add texture to your photos.

I know, I know....could I be any more naive?  I mean, I've known for awhile now that texture is important in a space, but the idea of adding texture simply for a photo's sake....and then taking it away when the photo shoot is over?


(Total aside: For more insight on this texture issue, take a quick break and enjoy reading The Nester's post entitled Your New Favorite Color.  You might have a little non-rule-breaker ah-hah's of your own:)

Another thing I've learned in my blogging journey:

Like texture, greenery is a must for bringing life to a room or space. 

When you live in Alaska, you learn to stock up on any artificial greenery that doesn't look to plasticy, too Victorian, or simply too much.  It grieves me that I will never see real live hydrangeas, boxwood, or cherry blossoms right outside my front door, but I soothe myself by focusing on gorgeous mountains, frosted trees, and breathtaking sunrises & sunsets from our living room windows.

Plus, Michael's isn't too far away, and they have super sales and 40% off coupons.

And a third thing I've learned on this blogging journey ?

Sometimes you just don't have everything you need, 
nor all the skills required, 
to take the quality of pictures you would love to take.

Although I've learned a lot about my high-caliber Canon Rebel T1i, I still don't own my own tripod.  I also don't use special portable lights or white boards, even though I'm convinced these tools would radically brighten the dark areas of my photos considerably.

But now for the funny part about not having what you need.

See the right candle holder in the photo above?

See how it's missing the boxwood candle wreath so beautifully arranged around its left counterpart?

It doesn't have a candle wreath because I currently have only one boxwood wreath in my stash.

The thing is, TODAY I had the time and desire to do a little arranging and decorating in my front entry way, but I didn't have the time or desire to get in the car and find another boxwood wreath.

Which became a problem when it came time for photos.

My bossy rule-breaker voice shouted: "You can't post photos of your entryway wall with ONE boxwood wreath on the left candle only!!"

To which I had to agree.  It was coming mighty close to just plain tacky.

But another to which I seem to be listening more and more lately....whispered not unkindly:

I dare you.
I dare you to be unorganized.
To be unscheduled.
To be unfinished.  To be uncertain.  

I dare you to be.....

So I took the dare.   

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