A Handpainted Desk

I thought I would pop on this afternoon to show a quick before and after of a desk I refinished a couple months back.  

My son and I found this desk at the transfer site one day in poor shape, abandoned, and upside down.  My three kids stopped questioning long ago when I suddenly rubber neck, back up the car, and excitedly announce, "I need your help!" 

I like to think I'm implementing important life lessons in #budgetshopping, #usingwhatyouhave, #humbledumpsterdiving.

The blessing is that my boys are becoming so tall and strong, I rarely have to move my own furniture anymore.  The bigger blessing is they do it with servants' hearts.

Most of the time.

This piece is currently for sale and longing for a new home.  Check out my All Mimsy page on FB for more details!

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