Farmers Market Sign

It's official.  I'm a sucker for creamy antiqued white and dark wood tones.  Married.  Like peas and carrots.

I really DO try to break away every now and then.  I TRY to sample new styles and designs with say, brighter colors or lighter wood tones.  Remember my hot pink bathroom scare?

But my cheatin' heart veers back around every time.

I'm completely smitten, ya'll.

Take this staircase gallery wall for instance.  One of my favorite home projects to date.

All that creamy, dark-wood goodness welcoming me home every day?  Well now, it quite nearly makes me swoon.

I'm not opposed to adding a little green and blue occasionally, but you'll notice that even in our Hawaii gallery wall, the key ingredients are still, you guessed it, creamy whites and dark wood tones.

Why is this observation of my creamy white/dark-wood-tone love so important to embrace?  Because if you love beautiful interior design as much as I do, you develop a deep appreciation for many different styles.  You appreciate the symmetry of modern, the cheerful devil-may-care of eccentric, the soft welcome of shabby chic, the laid-back comfort of rustic.

As a result, because you can admire and receive inspiration from so many different styles, it can be difficult to narrow down what style is actually most indicative of you.

Which brings me back to my first love :)

Oh, should I mention that adding white dishes is always yes?

If you're interested in this Farmers Market handpainted sign, see my FB page for more information!

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