Winter-Styled Shelves

I'm a little behind on the post-Christmas get-things-back-in-order agenda.

Taking down the tree and re-storing our minimal decorations (we seem to have fewer each passing year) was the easy part.  The hard part has been disciplining myself to stop painting and focus on putting a few things back out so it doesn't feel quite so barren.

How this translates?  Move all the decor and accessories from our storage closet and place each and every one on the dining room table for consideration.

Those accessories have been on the table since last week.  Bless.

That's my new favorite expression by the way.  Bless.  You really don't need more than that.

It suits a variety of situations. 

Today I focused on the living room, beginning by simplifying the wooden shelves in the far corner.  You can read about how we made these shelves here.

Using the dark wood/creamy combination I love, and the book page wreath I DIY'ed last Christmas, I went for a simplified, winter arrangement with just a touch of greenery.

Not a whole lot of new, but familiar and comfortable.  Which is how I hope others feel when they are in our home.

This handpainted yellow desk just sold and will be picked up tomorrow.  Its departure will leave a hole in our living room.  We may just leave it open for awhile and enjoy the space.

Okay, you're right.  The hole will drive me crazy and I'll probably fill it with something I already own.

Something familiar and comfortable.

Have I mentioned how little light we have here in Alaska this time of year?  And how when its cloudy outside in addition to very little sun, indoor photography is extremely challenging? 


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